Designer is now Affordable!

In the world of fashion and haute couture, designer pieces have always commanded higher pricing. We have made do with replica styles, but a lower price tag often meant lower quality materials. We may even have attempted to create our own customised pieces in an attempt to beat the designer budget.
This has been the same in the Interiors world…up to now!

Furniture designers are collaborating with larger organisations and manufacturers, making their pieces more affordable. One of these companies is SCAB design, an Italian manufacturer designing since 1957.

Ultimate Interiors are delighted to showcase pieces from the SCAB design furniture in the Ultimate Showroom in Galway. There is a wide range of seating suitable for indoor or outdoor use, from 1960’s influenced chairs to contemporary and stylish Bar stools.

Visit the Showroom and view this stunning collection.

Ultimate Interiors, not just for the office!