Well Being at Work. Who is Responsible?

An infinite amount of articles both online and offline have been written about the benefits of a positive working environment and its contribution to a better working psyche. We all know that well being at work is tantamount to well being at home. Ultimately, positive workers = positive customers = positive returns. But, at what cost and who should be responsible for your welfare?

The CEO or company director wants a positive return on company investments (which includes you) and positive turnover figures. He wants all employees to be happy but he is busy running the company, dealing with management and reviewing financial performance and has therefore passed the mantle of responsibility to HR.

HR wants you to be happy too but are busy organising training schedules, inducting new employees, arranging appraisals and performance reviews, drumming up interest in social events and planning ergonomic assessments to make sure your equipment is safe to use, so has passed the task of ensuring employees are happy to the head of each department.

Department heads need you to be happy as your performance is a reflection on theirs. But the focus is on figures and achieving targets based on what the CEO has requested. The focus is financial and unfortunately well being is secondary. The department head is relying on his line managers to achieve both positive financial returns and positive morale. He has told this managers what he believes you need. Unfortunately, no-one has had the time to ask you.

Your Manager needs you to be happy so his team are productive and he can get noticed by the CEO. He is busy attending a meeting about a meeting that will give him the tools to ensure you are happy. That meeting is due to be scheduled soon, as soon as HR are free to support the managers with the necessary personnel tools and social skills required to drive a happy and very productive team forward.
So everyone recognises the importance of a positive working environment but no-one is prepared to step up and get things done NOW.
Procrastination is the company (hidden) mantra. If no-one is prepared to stop, take a step back and do something. Well, nothing gets done. So WHO IS responsible. That mantle I’m afraid falls down to you.
If YOU are not striving towards your own happiness and improving your own environment, then no-one else will.
Own it, have a voice, shout out and be heard. If change isn’t forthcoming, then start the change revolution. Start small, start with you. A smile and a positive work attitude can be infectious and can motivate you. A tidy office speaks volumes. A colleague may really appreciate that cup of coffee they haven’t time to make. That project will get finished on time if you ask for help and teamwork generates a more positive environment. Celebrate a colleagues achievements , both personal and professional. A birthday card can mean a lot.
We all know you need the right chair, the right desk, the right work equipment but even more important is the RIGHT ATTITUDE!
So, start SMALL, start with YOU and MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE.