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Designer Heaven – Yves Behar and Amir Mortazavi

Hats off to the remarkable designers Yves Behar and Amir Mortazavi who have completed this shared workspace project in San Francisco. The combination of soft pinks, muted blushes and subtle greens is relaxing on the eye and gives the space a 60s throw back feel.

Creative Colour Concepts

Need to brighten up your space? Want to add a touch of style but don’t have the budget? Get creative to-day. Grab a paintbrush and paint. Re-Cover Seating with bright colours that complement the paint colours. Choose lighting that shows it off! Simple, cost…

Well Being at Work. Who is Responsible?

An infinite amount of articles both online and offline have been written about the benefits of a positive working environment and its contribution to a better working psyche. We all know that well being at work is tantamount to well being at home. Ultimately,…

Welcome eFIT !

Ultimate Interiors are delighted to welcome the eFit family to the Ultimate Showcase Showroom in Glenrock #Galway This chair’s bold design and engineered ergonomics makes a statement, offering you both comfort and style. Available in a variety of styles including draughtsman and a variety…

Designer is now Affordable!

In the world of fashion and haute couture, designer pieces have always commanded higher pricing.