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Welcome eFIT !

Ultimate Interiors are delighted to welcome the eFit family to the Ultimate Showcase Showroom in Glenrock #Galway This chair’s bold design and engineered ergonomics makes a statement, offering you both comfort and style. Available in a variety of styles including draughtsman and a variety…

Homage to Lichtenstein

What a great homage to Roy Lichtenstein! Get the Paint out and get creative. Bespoke Designs, Created by You! Don’t have the time nor the creative talents? Explore the pop art collection available from Ultimate Interiors where designer is affordable!

Furniture Becomes Art!

Furniture designs are constantly evolving but much inspiration is taken from previous designs. To-day’s trends are often a throwback from the 50’s through to the 70’s, with added comfort or a modern twist. Designer furniture is no longer a coveted item only for those…