ZERO Natural

….a Force to be Reckoned with

Ultimate Hygiene is the Connacht agent for ZERO Natural Force products.

Why Create ZERO?

“Because we are in love with the magic of chemistry, but we love people and their lives more”.
Aldo Sutter – Sutter Professional Manufacturer

Sutter Professional is managed for the benefit of future generations. Exactly like the environment. 
Sutter want to contribute towards creating a safer, healthier and more natural world.
Their mission is to combine high performance cleaning formulas, whilst respecting nature and individuals. The range of products has expanded by increasing the use of raw materials of vegetable origin, in ZERO products, which are obtained from renewable sources.
The environmentally friendly ZERO line ensures the professional operator can avail of a wide range of products for cleaning all types of surfaces and environments.

The user’s perception of professional chemicals is a vegetable based product does not have the same performance as a chemical product. Sutter, through the research and the sharing of the Natural Force concept with the most important world producers of raw materials, has succeeded in obtaining a complete line of high performance products with these characteristics:


The contained substances allow the product not to be classified as dangerous (Reg. 1272/2008 / EC CLP)

(*) Classification valid only for the Zero range and not for the Zero Extra


Because the surfactants in the ZERO line are completely biodegradable both in aerobic conditions (in the presence of oxygen) and in anaerobic conditions (in the absence of oxygen).

(*) Contains raw materials of plant origin and is completely biodegradable
(The surfactants present in the products are easily, completely and quickly biodegradable according to Reg. 648/2004 / EC)


“Heavy Metals” are considered responsible for allergic dermatitis caused by detergent use.
– 0,01 ppm (mg/kg): accepted limit in ZERO
– 5 ppm (mg/kg): concentration limit considered “safe”.
Product batches are constantly monitored to maintain these safe limits


No Product from the ZERO range requires allergic or sensitive reaction warnings.  Some of the products are completely devoid of the 26 allergens commonly present in detergents.

(*)Contains perfumes without allergens (Reg. 648/2004/CE)


No paraben is used as a preservative in the ZERO line.


The products that can be used to perform a patch test showed excellent tolerance on the skin. The Sutter Group do not conduct any animal testing.

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