The World’s Best School Chair!

The learning environment must be flexible and adapt to the changing needs of both teachers and students. Postura+ is the perfect all-round performer for any space, on any budget.

Postura Chairs have a wide variety of sizes and colours available making education facilities a fun as well as functional environment.

An entire generation all over the world have been using KI’s iconic Postura+ chairs for over 20 years. The chairs are the cornerstone of happy, healthy, high performing learning environments. Setting the benchmark for classroom seating, their ergonomic, functional design and vibrant colours have made them the first choice for thousands of schools.
The millions of Postura+ chairs in service today have stood the test of time and will continue to provide comfort and flexibility to countless more for years to come, growing the ranks of what KI call “#GenerationPostura”. That is why KI have a guaranteed lifetime of 20 years on each chair. Be Confident, Be Colourful and Choose POSTURA+